2019 Chrysler 100 Rumors


2019 Chrysler 100 Rumors, Concept, Specs, Review, Release Date, Interior, Engine, Changes, Redesign, Features2019 Chrysler 100 will be ready for about a year to provide a close competition with other compact limousines. There is a great report that this car will be completely new model and will soon be in showrooms in the spring of 2016. At this time, we do not know the details sure the new model, but will be complemented by some features highlights of 200 and 300 , Which means that the new main player is displayed. Since you will be a compact sedan, the main competitor for this car will be Toyota Corolla, Ford Focus and Honda Civic. Of course, we expect interesting new design for the 1009 Chrysler 2019 is possible.

2019 Chrysler 100 Engine Specs

Even at this point, however, there is still not enough information that we can say, but we have a few basic principles. This all-new compact vehicle will get a front-wheel drive platform that is also used by Chrysler 200. Not only that, but they will have the same engine, the four-cylinder 2.4 liter 184 hp, and also 173 pound-feet of torque. If this engine is used by the Chrysler 200, the car is combined 23/36 / 28mpg city / highway EPA /. 2016 Chrysler 100 with this engine will certainly provide better fuel economy because it is a lighter and smaller.

2019 Chrysler 100, of course, offer no further mechanism, the MultiAir 1.4-liter engine, and from Dodge Dart is used to deliver 160 hp and also combines 184 lb-ft of torque with 27/39 / 32mpg city / highway / , Both engines are paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission, but it is still a rumor.

2019 Chrysler 100 Review

One of the most important things in this car is on the engine and the first is the booth design. It is strongly recommended that this car has something good to offer, but also here mainly from the body. The car should stand out from the crowd because of its modern touch and is the best part to get the popularity of the Chrysler 1009 2019.

2019 Chrysler 100 at this time, we expect to see a new design, but will slightly differ from the previous model. The company is borrowed with good details Chrysler 200 and 300, but it will not do much. It must be clear, but attractive, modern and urban style. The resources must certainly be beautiful to handle the tight competition.

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