2019 BMW X1 Release Date


2019 BMW X1 Release Date, Changes, Redesign, Specs, PriceIt seems impossible if we could not see the new generation of the BMW X1 on the market. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that 2019BMW X1 as the latest model reveals he hoped his fans hoped. As we know that the car was developed in 2009 to the European market and launched and the car came to the US market in 2012. As at that time, the company continues to expand its market and expand. Based on some reviews, it is said that you can see a much cheerful design 2019 BMW X1.

2019 BMW X1 Exterior Interior and Exterior

It is indisputable that the company does not give up a big design to find a fight with other luxury cars. That is why the company is designed and designed to make the BMW X1 in 2019 in a shorter aspect, but still more elegant compared to its predecessor. At a shorter body length, we could get the car set a whole new platform. As a platform of change, we can also direct the car platform of the rear wheel while it would be optional for the wheel platform of all wheels. The drive system is based primarily on the MINI Cooper platform 2017, which is based on the UKL technology. No wonder if then the front end of this car is also a bit short. What the fans like to see is your reliable design on the street, which is very handy for everyday use. It also looks good with body color.

It is a big problem with this car because in 2011 the car will be carried out with standard equipment, including the latest BMW technologies. Not only that, but there is also the latest technology you have to have a great interest in this offer. BMW also knows as well as the major companies that provides all the luxury features such as advanced technology and luxury cabin for the BMW X1 2019. It is supported with some statements that the car has better cabin because the engine of the vehicle is mounted The transverse position so that engineers have more space inside the car.

2019 BMW X1 Engine Specs

It has been informed by the members of the company that the team will offer six-cylinder engines as well as hybrid models four engines and three cylinders. Since the engine is mounted on the transverse position, they decided to install the UKL platform technology towards the front wheels. This news about the 2019 BMW X1 engine is also supported with the rumor, the company will maintain the engine programming, but with some changes to reduce fuel consumption.

2019 BMW X1 Release Date and Price

In fact, the company takes this business seriously and the United States in the second half of 2018 is the timetable for launch in 2019 BMW X1.


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