2019 BMW 3 Series Redesign

Friday, June 2nd 2017. | BMW

2019 bmw 3 series gt, all new bmw 3 series, interior, redesign, touring, release date, changes, specs, engine, features, rumors, concept,An updated version 2019 BMW 3 Series called will be available soon. The car remains basically the premiere for today’s generation, as gained popularity as a luxury limousine. As we know the model was developed in 2012, with a brand new design, so it is not surprising that the company Happily will offer more updates in 2019, there are some spy shots available for the prototype of the 2019 BMW 3 Series stands.

2019 BMW 3 Series Exterior and Interior

With updates through the cycle, we will have a smaller style as part of the changes to the BMW 3 series see 2019. The car will be completed with new bumpers, along with adjustments to the light. A new architect is available for the car, which can also be the sign that the car is updating the platform. With the new platform, we were able to see the car lighter version compared to its predecessor. Fortunately, now we considered the use of aluminum, carbon fiber and high-strength steel to characterize the car. A long wheelbase surely is easily achieved by society. However, it will be a four-wheel steering as a new steering wheel is offered.

Along with high-tech development in advance, the company will support the car with the latest connectivity. There is a great demand to see the cabin with new dashboard and larger screen to ride. To cover the seat, it seems that the company will provide the best leather to offer. More space is very promising to the booth for BMW 3 Series 2019. In addition to complete, we also heard that there are more compensation options being offered within.2019 bmw 3 series features, rumors, concept, interior, redesign, touring, release date, gt, all new bmw 3 series, changes, specs, engine,

2019 BMW 3 Series Engine Specs

The good news is that the company has more engine options that could meet demand in the markets and even the emission standards. Four-cylinder turbo seems to be one of the options, but there is no clarification of officials. The engine could basically be the modular architecture of the BMW engine fueled with diesel and gasoline in six. At this time the fans do not want to lose V-8 and V-12. An early hybrid engine will be introduced to the priority in 2019 BMW 3 Series.2019 bmw 3 series gt, all new bmw 3 series, changes, specs, engine, features, rumors, concept, interior, redesign, touring, release date,

2019 BMW 3 Series Release Date and Price

2019 BMW 3 Series will be close competition with other luxury cars, including Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Jaguar XJ, Lexus LS and Audi A8. The car is expected to begin in 2018 and it is expected to be available for $ 80,000.

2019 BMW 3 Series Image Galley

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