2018 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Specs and Review


2018 Toyota Highlander an introduction of the prototype is expected for early 2018 and will be a step from previous models. It is expected that the new Highlander has newer technology, futuristic design, better motor cable and improved overall performance. Thanks to its three seat rows and an 8-passenger capacity, newly designed Highlander will be particularly spacious, allowing the occupants to travel comfortably and a panoramic sliding roof for an exciting experience. This new model will get a durable and elegant design in addition to an efficient and powerful engine.

2018 Toyota Highlander Interior and Exterior

In the interior, the Toyota Highlander has significant changes: more complex devices, such as point before collision system, cruise control, rear cross traffic, Bluetooth connectivity, anti-lock system, servo steering, seat heating, blind monitoring, USB port, HD radio and a touchscreen interface.

The cabin is also spacious and luxurious. The Highlander use a pull mechanism on all four wheels to increase the overall performance of the vehicle model. Equipped with high wheels, Toyota offered some of the best attributes of the class produced by a JBL 12 audio system with a panoramic sunroof, which means that the Toyota Highlander 2018 does not require any technical resources and luxury. By their appearance, the Highlander will remain similar to their previous generations, which only changes in the unique LED taillights, headlights and a new set of wheels. There will also be new side mirrors and grilles. All lights will be replaced with new LED lights. Compared to previous models the Toyota 2018 will be sportier.

2018 Toyota Highlander Engine

The Toyota Highlander will have two drive units: 1) the basic engine will have a four-cylinder engine with 2700 cca and a power of 185 hp. It will be coupled with an automatic 6-speed gearbox. 2) After a V6 engine with 3500cca producing an excellent 270 hp. The second engine will be an identical transmission with four-wheel drive. The fuel consumption for the Toyota Highlander 2018 is not yet known, but is not expected to be removed from the current EPA mileage to 20 mpg city and 25 mpg. The hybrid will integrate a V6 engine and an electric motor that receives power through a battery.

2018 Toyota Highlander Release Date and Price

Although the price of the new Highlander remains unknown, engine expert project that will cost about $ 30,000, while the Limited model that includes a V6 and AWD drive would cost about $ 42,000. While the hybrid would cost about $ 48,000, it does not come with the best fuel efficiency, while 10 hp more than the standard 2018 Highlander model, powered by a V6 engine.

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