2018 Nissan Sentra Specs


2018 nissan sentra nismo sr turbo release date, sv , sl ,msrp, price, configurations, turbo, reviews, mpg, specs, interior, sv price, rims, sport, gas mileage, dimensionsIn the coming days, Nissan will be the most new series produced on the market. The Nissan Sentra 2018 will bring the latest improvements, especially in the inner and outer bodies, have a better design to increase customer requirements. It will be better compared to the last version. For the new specifications, this car will incorporate various engines. Rumorly will be launched around the year 2018.

2018 Nissan Sentra Interior and Exterior

2018 Nissan Sentra as the latest production, after the company is claimed the latest production, will have many improvements followed with many materials. On the front design, this car is fully equipped with redesigned bumper, chrome grille, headlights with LED technology, the new bandage. At the front, it will include new mirrors and carbon fibers. In addition, the car will also be modified for lighting on the rear of the tailgate spoiler and redesigned. Also your wheels will come with 19-inch. Therefore, the 2018 Nissan Sentra is available to promise the new revised aggressive style and pay attention to the body. Inside the view planned in a cabin to renew the manufacturer, you can cover black leather with details Alcantara offer the seats front and rear cover. In a further modification, the detailed black Alcantara is used to redesign the roofing columns, the rear seats, it is also the roof sky. Nothing is impossible that the new features will also be included in 2018 Nissan Sentra.2018 nissan sentra sr turbo review, sr turbo 0 60, accessories, sv review, midnight edition, colors, manual, fog lights, fuel economy, cvt, nismo review, brochure, base model, sv interior

2018 Nissan Sentra Engine Specifications

Nissan Sentra 2018 is reported to bring two optional engine variants, the first version is the DOHC engine with direct injection turbo 1.6 liters, which increase power to 240 hp and 240-pound-feet. Because the second option is 1.8 liters, at least 130 hp and 128 foot-pounds of torque generated the engine. The 2018 Nissan Sentra is suitable when the manufacturer transmit the 6-speed transmission. In addition, it will be adjusted for the FWD system for better performance.2018 nissan sentra engine, models, interior, turbo 0 60, length, features, hatchback, turbo horsepower, manual transmission, wheels, headlights, front bumper, dashboard

2018 Nissan Sentra Release Date and Price

To date, there is no official confirmation given, but this car is expected to launch in 2018 the company is likely to appreciate the new range at around $ 16,000 for the Nissan Sentra 2018, in addition to the optional engine systems, the 2018 Nissan Sentra also provides Tough competitors such as Volkswagen GTW, including Ford Enphasis ST.

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