2018 Nissan Frontier Specs and Review


2018 nissan frontier release date, redesign, diesel, pro 4x, price, interior, specs, pickup,Even though, few months ago, it didn’t seem that  2018 Nissan Frontier will bring any major news, latest information regarding this pick reveal that new generation will probably start with this model year. According to several leaked images, and various reliable sources, Nissan plans to launch fully redesigned Frontier. The non-US model (Navara) already went through the redesign, and seems like US version will follow its steps closely.

2018 Nissan Frontier Exterior and Interior

Exterior of the upcoming 2018 Nissan Frontier will be completely restyled. It will have softer body lines, and more modern details. Rounder body lines will replace old rugged and boxy shape of the Frontier. Its front end will be more aggressive, and more modern, following the industry trends. Headlights and taillights will be LED, but it is unclear whether it will be standard or optional feature.

New exterior styling will be followed by interior. Outdated appearance of the Frontier’s cabin will be significantly upgraded. Used materials will be of better quality, which will influence the overall image of the Frontier’s inside. This includes upholstery as well as dash materials. New interior trim will also be included into the offer. Both exterior and interior of the Nissan Frontier will benefit from new features, and upgrades of the existing ones. New touchscreen placed on the center of the dashboard as well as keyless ignition are just some of the features we can expect with latest Frontier.2018 nissan frontier review, 4x4, attack, changes, concept, cummins, news, release,

2018 Nissan Frontier Engine Specs

Engine specs of the model are still unavailable. However, there are some indications about what we can expect. For starters, the base engine will probably be a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder gasoline unit, since the same engine is available for other markets. Beside gasoline, Nissan will most likely include a diesel unit. The car producer already presented concept Frontier with the diesel under its hood, at last year’s Chicago Auto Show. Speaking of, the engine will probably be a turbo diesel 2.5-liter 4-cylinder unit as well. Two 4-cylinder engines, diesel and regular gasoline are choices Nissan offered for its customers outside US. For this particular market, it will probably offer a V6 unit as well, as stronger gasoline engine, which will be optional. Whether it will be current 4.0-liter, it is unknown. Fuel economy rates for the upcoming 2018 Nissan Frontier are unavailable, but it will be improved, compared to current version, especially with diesel unit. The power will be transmitted to wheels via 7-speed automatic transmission.2018 nissan frontier diesel release date, engine, gas mileage, images, manual transmission, mpg,

2018 Nissan Frontier Release Date and Price

The release is expected during this fall, but there are no indications about exact date. Price will be higher, but not majorly. This means that new base Frontier will probably be available at around $20,000.

2018 Nissan Frontier Image Gallery

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