2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport Redesign and Interior Review


In the media there is a hot topic on the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2018. To drive on all terrains, this drive is compatible. The first premiere in 2010. At the time was launched, the Grand Cherokee was the best-selling vehicle model. There are two offers on the bonnet. In addition, the resources and the technology system for the Grand Cherokee 2018 will be modern. So this SUV makes you feel comfortable and happy.

2018 Jeep Cherokee Exterior and Interior

This new SUV will have a perfect interior design. The cabin uses the best material. The case of the seats, gearshift knob, arm and instrument panel use the premium leather. The seat is made of wood and chrome on the dashboard to decorate the entertainment system and features. The Jeep Grand Cherokee 2018 will also feature a Blu-ray movie, a 9-inch display, HDMI, Bluetooth and wireless headphones. The HDMI ports can use laptop and smartphones to play music and videos. To make a call without holding the phone to your ear, you can use Bluetooth and wireless headphones. To enjoy driving, we can watch the movie in its own display in the second row passenger. The solar panel is available in double and single models. Even if we fold the rear seat, this new SUV has a capacity of 68.3 cubic feet.

2018 Jeep Cherokee Engine Specs

The question, said that the new Grand Cherokee would have two engine system options. The manufacturer has 5.7-liter V8 engine under the bonnet. The engine uses the gasoline technology, making the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2018 more energy and consume less fuel. In addition, the motor 360 provides the PS outputs and 390 lb-ft of torque. So the second option is a Pentastar V6 engine of 3.6 liters. No information about the engine outputs unfortunately. However, the manufacturer couples the Pentastar engine with an automatic step-by-step transmission 8. To control the steering wheel, the engine comes with a high technological change.

2018 Jeep Cherokee Release Date and Price

So far, the Jeep company has successfully sold car product more than 1.2 million. Based on the theme, in 2018 the company wants to sell 1.9 million cars. The Jeep Grand Cherokee 2018 starts at the end of 2018 or even 2019 in the automotive market. Then the basic price starts from $ 45,000 or less.

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