2018 BMW X5 Redesign and Review


One of the major automotive companies in the world, originally from Germany is prepared for us, the new generation of its outstanding SUV is treated. The company I am talking about is a BMW, SUV model, natural, good age and BMW X5, which falls in the medium-sized SUV class. This article will appeal to the new generation, which has the name of the 2018 BMW X5. He now wants to be very luxurious, which is in principle task and purpose. Its popularity in traditional existence is the highest point reached in the US and Europe. For those who have been around for 15 years to not know that X5 and the current model is the third generation.

2018 BMW X5 Exterior and Interior

Regarding design, the new BMW X5 can say it will be somewhat upgraded by the predecessors. Interestingly, some changes occur that contribute to this excellent SUV looks more aggressive and muscular. But the fact that we are pleased that it retains part of its original line, which will not go over. He will respect the kidney so well in earlier models. Striking is a new bumper and LED lights. The axis will be larger than its predecessor. What is particularly attractive to some fans is the fact that the production of this model aluminum and other light materials is used, then the weight will be much lower. This assumes that already lead to a reduction in fuel consumption.

In the cabin, the new 2018 X5 will be a real little realm of luxury, function, space and entertainment. The wider than before, the new X5 will provide more space for the head and legs. The surface is made of high quality materials. There will be many high-tech functions. The cabin is dominated by the large LCD screen, by which the drivers control many systems. The infotainment system will also be quite good with the new surround sound system. The offer will include the following: multi-zone automatic climate control, electric windows, heated car seats and so on.

2018 BMW X5 Engine Specs

Under the hood of the new 2018 BMW X5 will be several variants of different engines. The first offer is a V6 engine of 3.0 l with 300 hp and 300 Nm of torque. The second is the engine xDrive50i 4.4 L V8, which generates 445 hp and 480 Nm of torque. There will be a Turbodiesel 3.0 L V6 that can produce 255 hp and over 413 Nm of torque.

2018 BMW X5 Release Date and Price

The release date of the new 2018 BMW X5 is the beginning of next year, and the price should range from about $ 55,000 to about $ 60,000.

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